Grasping the blueprint,
I see it’s smudged,
and I find myself sitting alone,
to sift and sort
through the plans
and discern how
to best move forward.
If I build alone,
and you see what I’ve done,
will you want me to tear down the walls
and start again?
Maybe it would be easier
If you would take some time.
Sit down with me,
and together we could make sense of this blueprint.
As I pick up the hammer and begin to build,
I need to hear something—
whether support and affirmation
or criticism and redirection.
This will help us fulfill our vision,
and build a solid structure.
Building a house
that will survive the storms of the future
requires scaffolding.
Some work cannot be done alone;
even with a strong foundation.
This weight is too heavy
for me to bear alone.
I cannot be the lone carpenter.
Let’s examine the blueprint,
develop a plan,
join forces,
work together,
and build.

6 thoughts on “Building

  1. It is such a challenge to build alone, and my imagination takes what you said so many different ways. No matter where or what, I would say that everyone who could be asked to be an expert and travel on this journey would be welcomed. Lovely to read, & like Nancy, I’d love to keep and use this for the future. Thank you!


  2. Thanks, Linda. I really am not alone. It just feels that way because it’s summer, and I am doing some stuff with my local NWP site that is supposed to become a schoolwide initiative. I shouldn’t expect everyone to work over the summer; should I? This afternoon I just needed to talk to a colleague, do my research, and get started on this building. I think I need a last stanza of hope, and I think I am getting there.


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