Clerihews and Limericks


Why are they all insane?

The students  are all off the chain

I would say if I were to offer an explanation

They have already  left on summer vacation.
Why is there this race to the top?
Are they wanting us to flop?
First no leaving behind.
Now all must have a college mind.
Gee, thanks for the attention,
To break up your day’s tension,
Poke at my weakness to make it to my poem,
In summer I’ll be at home while you’re at school alone.
So what, we’ve taken the test
Schools not over yet, don’t rest.
Keep on plugging we’re nearly there.
Teachers you can make it–summer is drawing near.
As she was walking down the hall
She stumbled into the wall,
All the kids laughed,
She had a panic attack,
As she was walking down the hall.
As I walked in the door of  school,
I felt like acting the fool,
Laughed at the detention,
Turned into suspension
That’s one less teacher at school.

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