Toadally MEAN


Toadally MEAN

I scoop up the toad,

put him in a small box

to show my daughter and her friend.

“Oh, it’s so cute, Mom.

Can we keep it?”

So we research habitat

as we plan to keep the toad,

a pet for just one day.

Excited the small girls,

gather materials

and build a small habitat

for their new friend.

They show their toad,

named Toadally,

to the boy across the street.

“Take it out,

so I can see it,”

he directs.

Toadally is gently placed on the ground.

The towering ten-year-old

stomps Toadally,

crushing the girls

as well as the toad.

What makes a boy mean? What makes a child do that? How can you stomp an innocent life and crush two little girls’ hearts? My husband talked to the boy who was visiting (thankfully he doesn’t live there) the house across the street. The boy stuttered an excuse, no remorse only a perfunctory apology No empathy only cruelty. Who stomps a toad just because it’s still? Who does this? Why?


3 thoughts on “Toadally MEAN

  1. Wow-I was not prepared for this, and of course, neither were you and the girls. This isn’t a boy thing, I don’t think. I have a son; he didn’t ever do these things. But this child needs help. There are statistics that say killing small animals is an indication of bigger issues. So sorry for your girls. It must have been awful, Maya.


  2. Oh my, you said toadally mean, but I wasn’t prepared. How sad. I know your girls will be loved and nurtured and helped through what happened. I wonder about the boy?


  3. Oh how sad. I am so glad that boy does not live there. It also sounds that even with your husband talking to him…that the boy really did not learn a lesson. The poor girls…what a sad day. I can only imagine trusting someone and then having him kill an innocent toad. I am sure they will be fine, but I bet it will be a memory they keep. So soon to learn that the world can be a cruel place. I am glad they have parents who will soften their loss and help them through it. Jackie


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