You are a beautiful person–you didn’t leave church that day; you made church bigger. The world is truly our church. May we all embrace the Lorraines we meet.

Reflections on the Teche

Have you ever met anyone who was homeless? Have you ever stopped to look at them? Give them money? or food? I have seen the homeless on trips to big cities and found myself trying to avoid their gaze, feeling a little twinge in my stomach, and guiltily walking on by. In my small town, homelessness is not a common occurrence.

On Thursday last week, I decided to stop in at Subway to pick up a sandwich between schools. A young woman in blue jeans and a jacket looked at me with pleading eyes. I paused. Something about her spoke to me. In a gentle voice, she asked if I could get her some food. Silly me, I started spouting off about our food pantry, Solomon House, and how she could get groceries on Tuesday. Then she said, “That’s a long way and I don’t have a car. I’m staying…

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2 thoughts on “Homeless

  1. margaretsmn

    Thanks for the re-blog, Maya. I didn’t know you could do that! There was a part of me that resisted writing this story. I didn’t want to say, “Look at what I did!” I decided the story was bigger than me and needed to be told. It was truly a blessing to help her. And you are right, I made the church bigger. Like that thought!


  2. I didn’t mean to reblog–just meant to comment. Dang iPhone. Love your story–moving. Keep us posted on your friend–she is your friend now. You helped God to finally give her a good hand.


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