Cento 31 of 31 (no words of mine–does this count?)


Honoring the words of other slicers, I am in the process of creating a Cento. All lines are hyperlinked to the originial slicers. From Wikipedia: A cento is a poetical work wholly composed of verses or passages taken from other authors; only disposed in a new form or order.

Cento: http://www.poets.org/viewmedia.php/prmMID/5771


In mornings our day stretches out

like pulling strands of yarn.

Then shadows disappear at noon.

We say “Oh no, too soon!”


Yet there is a glint of sun; I’m drawn

to walk outdoors, to glance upwards, feel

a touch of bright warmth; then look down, kneel

at the edge of the sidewalk and see

water trickling, calm, waiting to be

a river, knowing that time will free

the passage, release the love in me.


The sun is shining so bright.
Gets me excited
Of warmer days to come
And earlier mornings to enjoy.


I stopped and just stood there

breathing in all that yellow joy

while the dog snuffed impatiently

at the end of the leash.


Today I was reminded


as I finish this piece with love,

I have another piece to work on…


All is quiet again

exhausted and   t  i  r  e  d . . .



25 thoughts on “Cento 31 of 31 (no words of mine–does this count?)

  1. Maya, thank you so much. This is beautiful, & I love that I am a part of it. Hope to see you every Tuesday if not more often! I love that this is the first “last” slice I read. I have to get busy writing!


  2. Is it that the challenge made us see the world differently, or is that the world created pieces for us to write about? Either way, the act of pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, results in us seeing the world through a lense of moments, moments worth living, moments to be captures, moments to remember.

    Thanks for letting us read your slice – take care!


  3. Michelle @litlearningzone

    Oh, I love this too Maya! So creative (and I can only imagine, time consuming!) but all wrapped up it’s beautiful and I’m so glad to be a part of your poem. Congrats on a great month!


  4. margaretsmn

    This is quite a feat and works together beautifully. You had to do a lot of reading and activating your creative brain. So much creativity and wisdom in this group. I’ll see you on tuesdays.


  5. Hey Audio Guy,

    How about you make that happen? You can make a slice patchwork promotional podcast in your spare time when you’re not playing Quittitch. If you can make a broom fly, a slicing audio compilation podcast should be a piece of cake. 😃


  6. alwriting

    Thank you Maya for considering my words worthy of consideration. Your poem flows effortlessly. You have seamlessly blended the words.


  7. Paul

    Honored to be a part of this! Thank you, and thanks for rewarding all the times I ‘meandered’ over to your writing corner with a lot of cool, interesting pieces, poetical and otherwise! 🙂


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