A Sestina: Transition Affliction




Check out Sestin-a-matic. A Sestina is a great way to take a topic you want to wrestle with and meet it head on, using keywords that you ponder in each stanza. At my evaluation conference, I explained my weakness as being transitions, and my principal agreed. Other than that, he, too, thinks I am too hard on myself (yes, a reoccurring theme in my life). Well, here is my wrestle with an area of chaos in my life. Any ideas or readings, or insight will be examined. Thanks!

30 of 31

Chaos is my affliction.
My mind is oh so scattered.
In class, caught up in the moment–I lack effective transitions.
This leaves me feeling battered.
I want to go on a mission,
A way to create a new system that won’t be shattered.

This time–change cannot be shattered,
To cure myself of this affliction.
Self-reflection leaves me feeling battered.
I need to refine each transition,
So what I do won’t seem so scattered–
This is my mission.

To fruition I must bring this mission,
So time won’t be wasted, shattered.
Suffering through my affliction,
With self-flatulation leaving me on the floor, battered.
Shamed by the chaos of a weak transition.
Looking at the pieces left undone, scattered.

Amazed at the visit to a teacher unscattered,
Clarity and cohesion that’s her mission
Like cake mix, smooth, unshattered.
Just the right mix will clear this affliction.
Molded and folded until it’s battered,
A recipe for taming each transition.

My goal for growth is to smooth each transition.
When I face 8th graders next year, I won’t be scattered.
I want them to see me cured of my past affliction.
nightmares of their past will be shattered,
As they see I have fulfilled a mission.
And left my chaos in the corner, battered.

Bludgeoning the wild beast, Chaos, leaving it battered
Is the answer to strenghthening each transition.
Having consistent systems to avoid being scattered.
Fulfilling this is my mission.
For once this dream won’t be shattered,
And I will find the antidote to cure this affliction.

Curing myself of the affliction, leaving it helpless, battered.
Following through to alleviate all that is scattered to tame each transition.
That continues to be my mission–this time it won’t be shattered.


3 thoughts on “A Sestina: Transition Affliction

  1. First of all, don’t be so hard on yourself. Secondly, based on what you wrote about your Sestina I am certain that you are going to meet things head on and you will overcome transition chaos.


  2. Paul

    You work this form so beautifully. It’s interesting to me that three of your end-words are “scattered”, “transition”, and “mission” — one ‘unfocus’ word, one ‘focus’ word, and ‘transition’ denoting movement from one to the other. This is such a great form for your subject matter too, because you’re moving in circles, coming back to the same words, but at the same time those words create focus and fluidity. Great piece — personal but universal! Nice! 🙂


  3. I. Love. This. Sestina’s are a favorite firm of mine and one I’ve never been able to write without creating something that feels forced and clunky. Yours its powerful and so well done. I wish you luck in your work!


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