Cywydd deuair fyrion


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Cywydd deuair fyrion
A variation on some form of Celtic poetry tried in the early morn. I got the idea from a link on Birds and Trees of the Mind. It’s early, and I was writing on my iPhone, so I’m not sure I mastered it. Seriously, I can’t even say it.

Comprising of couplets of four syllable lines. There is no set length.

Not enough sleep,
Tried to count sheep
Got out of bed
Feeling quite dead

Need a shower
Work in an hour
Can’t wait for break
2 weeks to take

This time of year
Long stretch of drear
Put on my smile
Endure awhile

Soon I will sleep
The alarm won’t beep
Recharge refuel
And back to school


4 thoughts on “Cywydd deuair fyrion

  1. margaretsmn

    Paul has inspired my post today too…the poetry master. I love the short quick rhymes here and the thoughts about being ready for a break. Mine started today and I am relishing the time to read slices and not rush to get to school.


  2. Paul

    This is a great marriage of form and content. The short lines of the form lend themselves perfectly to the fragmented thinking of being exhausted (rhyme emphasizes this too — quick thoughts, almost half-connections). A subtle but very effective choice here too is the lack of punctuation — again creating a fragmented, clipped effect. Excellent! 🙂


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