Paul Inspired Tercets


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Check out Paul’s poetry at

Paul has many forms of poetry

I am amazed at his artistry

Maybe he will make blog history.


Paul is the bloggin’ poetic muse,

His rhymes and forms for all to infuse,

I sit and wonder merely bemused.


My tercets have no strong connection

Meandering my skill—pay attention

Stay with me ’til I reach perfection.


This sounds like an epic rap battle,

Don’t ‘cha  know I’m  clutchin’ my  rattle,

In this form, only do I dabble.


Thanks to Paul for this poetic form,

Throwing the gauntlet to you, I forewarn

Rhythmic play can your brain transform.


Who will dominate the blogosphere?

Rhythmic words of cyberspace I can hear–

Trying new forms this, too, you can share.


4 thoughts on “Paul Inspired Tercets

  1. Paul

    Thanks so, so much, Maya! This absolutely made my day (and it’s two in the morning, so the entire day is done!). Made my week, made my March — will I get a warmer feeling out of a month of slicing than this? Nope, probably not. Thank you so much!!

    Rhythmic play does indeed transform the brain…I completely agree. 🙂


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