There was a Conquistador from Spain


There was a conquistador from Spain.
Having more his game–Cortes was his name.
He stripped Montezuma and the Aztecs of their lives and boon.
Warfare , slavery, and disease resulted in their doom.
Cortes called his conquest New Spain–what should cause shame earned him fame.


6 thoughts on “There was a Conquistador from Spain

  1. I don’t think I have the background knowledge to fully appreciate your poem, but I enjoyed it! Love the last line and wonder if there are other times in history where the same thing happened – shame earning fame. Thx!


  2. Good mentor text to inspire some Social Studies writing! I’ll share with 5th grade teacher in my school who does a lot of projects with her class for Social Studies.


  3. Paul

    Ha! Love it! I have to start making these — in fact, kind of started today with a Hamlet sonnet. Thanks for the inspiration!


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