The Spinning Beachball of Doom


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The spinning beachball,
I bounce it on the screen,
I move it about,
I click,
I wait,
I click again,
This game is getting old.
The spinning continues.
I worry,
I wonder,
Will my document ever return?
Will it be the same?
Will I have to recreate it?
Is it time for a new Mac?
The spinning beachball of doom
Tells me I have had a Mac attack,
and my old laptop needs professional help,
or I will soon.


6 thoughts on “The Spinning Beachball of Doom

  1. I think I have figured out the problem. For months, my trash wouldn’t empty. I just googled out to fix it and was able to get rid of a lot of old yearbook photos and duplicates of files and all sorts of other stuff. Plus, I was in need of an update for Word. I hope the beachball is gone for awhile. If not, I can hit the Genius Bar for free tech support at my local Mac store.


  2. I have lived this recently with my iPad… it (AND THE CLOUD!!!) lost my calendar, gradually, slowly, as if its slow death would successfully torture me even more…which it did. Yours is an excellent metaphor. I will share this with our technologically challenged staff and students. 🙂


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