Too Many Names


Slice 12 out of 31

Oh, too many names–maybe I’ll write a poem or two,

to help my students review.

I can’t keep the names straight,

How did teaching this become my fate?


Latin American History

Of the Inca, Atahualpa was the last emperor,

He was nice to Pizarro his visitor

Atahualpa had lots of gold

He let Pizarro in his fold,

Pizarro, the Spanish Conquistador was bold.

He took Atahualpa’s gold

And killed him—now the story’s told.

Montezuma, an Aztec emperor at its height.

In 1519, Cortes came and picked a fight.

Then, he made a claim,

Said the land should belong to Spain,

He killed Montezuma and caused much pain,

Named the land New Spain,

And for this, his name has gained fame.

Father Hidalgo was a priest from Mexico

He thought the Spanish rule should go

And so he led a revolt that made sense,

Excommunicated and put to death,

10 years later Mexico gained independence

Toussaint L’Ouverture

Was a liberator

And an African slave,

Who began a freedom wave,

France had control of Haiti,

So he led a slave revolt to get his people free

From Venezuela Simon Bolivar,

A liberator who went very far,

He helped South American countries get free from Spain

To alleviate their pain,

Bolivia is an honor to his name.


One thought on “Too Many Names

  1. Paul

    The mnemonic power of poetry! This is a great idea…bravo! I’m going to work up something like this for poetry and other literary terms…


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