Grieving for and with Others




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A slice of yesterday–I really don’t know how to put to words. I truly to love all my students; some, yes, are a struggle to love; however, I love all my middle schoolers along with their quirks. Every now and then, I have the pleasure of knowing a family, like when I work with more than one sibling and sometimes even teaching children multiple years. Sometimes in teaching you don’t get to know a family, but sometimes a family comes along that you just watch in admiration, amazed at what good people they all are, amazed at how bright and hardworking the kids are, amazed at how great both parents are. When my school had a shower for me when I was pregnant with Sarah, this family gave a gift to my 3-year-old son, too. When this family grieves, I grieve.

To think of this wonderful family: brother, sister and mother, left without a father and a husband makes me grieve with them. I grieve again for the loss of my father, who was taken by cancer. I hurt for the young girl, only a senior, who has lost her dad. I hurt for the college age son, as I remember the cool Lego soccer video his dad helped him make in 8th grade, complete with Rush music, a CD cover, and interesting animation. I hurt for the community as I think of how this kind man helped out my school community by servicing my yearbook camera for little or no charge and for helping learn how to use the camera. Even after both of his kids were no longer at my school, he still helped us. The rest of the family will be okay–they are intelligent and resilient people, but things will change for them. Events will happen as the two children continue to grow up, and they will miss their dad at all of those special moments, great and small. I cannot even fathom how it will be for the mom/wife as she goes on without her soulmate. The community–anyone who knows this family loves them. They are just good people. 

Yes, today I grieve. I pray. And I think of how I can reach out or be there for this special family.



6 thoughts on “Grieving for and with Others

  1. What a heartfelt piece. You truly honored this mans memory by writing today. Even though he is no longer with you, remember him by doing things that he would have done.


  2. How very sad, indeed – he sounds like a wonderful dad, and member of your community. We come together in times like this, and this family will be heartened to know that they will be surrounded by the love and comfort of good people like you.


  3. Paul

    There are so many resonances to grief — the actual event evokes interwoven fragments of memory and relationship, which you illustrate beautifully here. Best wishes–


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