Inaugural Poem


I am moved by the images that flow through the words of Richard Blanco’s inaugural poem. His poetry make me realize that we truly are all joined across this nation not in spite of our differences but because of our differences. I love the hope in the images, the connectivity, the peace in business, the life in noises, the shared humanity.

Read. Connect. Live. Love. We are unique, we are different, we are one.

I love the idealism, the realism, the hope, the humanity.

I need to find more images for my words. The simple profundity of powerful images—

Listen. Read. And try to find what it means for us to be “One Today”.


2 thoughts on “Inaugural Poem

  1. Yes, not connected in spite of but because of our difference. One sky was a great image for me – no matter who we are, where we go to earn a living, how we say good morning, here we are, under the same sky, together.
    I’ve been thinking of how to share this with my 2nd graders. Much of the poem is beyond their understanding, but those images under One Sky -I think we could do something with that.


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