A Friend Beyond Words


When we first met, she told me we would always be friends 
even if it didn’t work out between her son and me.
I left her son two months before the wedding—
still she remained my friend.
I went back to school to become a teacher—
she paid my tuition, 
telling me she wanted to see me become 
the great teacher she knew I could become
only asking I one day do the same for someone else.

She met the man I would marry—
she told me she could see why I waited for so long.
She welcomed my children
calling herself Granny Anni.

Exhausted from trips to doctor, my dad dying of cancer
like one of my family, she took him to doctors’ appointments,
giving us a rest in a time of need.
When Dad died
she came with goodbye balloons for the kids to release into the air
notes on strings, a tangible and personal goodbye for each grandkid.

A heart shoved aside, an aortic aneurysm, 
three more surgeries to brave
she presses on with strength and fortitude.
Her family and friends watch in amazement
as strong as ever, physically and mentally
her new nickname
Hurricane Anni, she is on the move
strong, stubborn, and steadfast.
Keep my friend, Anni in your prayers as tomorrow she faces her second open heart surgery. Pray that the surgery goes well and that she is able to paint again one day soon.

Anni Painting



6 thoughts on “A Friend Beyond Words

  1. Oh, Maya! Anni sounds like a pillar of strength and a force to be reckoned with! How incredible that you and her son broke up and you remained BEYOND close for all of these years. Relationships like the one you have are so special.I will keep Anni in my thoughts tomorrow. My best friend's Dad is also having surgery in the morning so I'll have them both top of mind in the morning.


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