Sock Sestina


A Slice of Life with Two Writing Teachers
Each week we blog as teacher writers.  
A Sock Sestina

Enveloped in comfort,
A blanket for my feet
With coziness of toes.
My fuzzy socks
put me in a happy mood,
cozy and off work.

Uncomfortable at work
Socks falling down, feeling dis-comfort.
I am in a miserable mood
with socks scrunched up at my feet.
I’m throwing these socks away
as a favor to my toes.

Why should I separate my toes?
With socks that are too much work
Toes should should be one in their socks.
Toes divided–that is not comfort
for your feet
Toe socks, in my world, you have no place.

Striped, patterned and colorful socks you enliven my mood,
Elaborate detail to my  toes,
and happiness on my feet,
Having fun at work,
This is a sort of comfort
with whimsy of my socks.

A hole in my favorite socks,
Can’t find a replacement any place,
Cold and without comfort,
Nothing to cover my toes,
I think I’ll stay home from work,
And put a blanket over my feet.

Socks with sandals on your feet,
Have you no dignity for your socks?
Maybe you’re retired and no longer work,
To speak of this is not my place,
Be proud of your ugly toes,
and enjoy the breeze of comfort.

Feet have their special place,
with happy toes housed in socks,
knowing comfort even at work.

relaxing in my fuzzy socks


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