Evolution of Wishes


I wished I could be her,
a black woman teacher,
just for a day.
When I said that, she chuckled and said,
“Oh Maya, you would love it.”
At the time, I knew she was right.
To be her would have given me
the attitude of a loving mom
who cares, who shares,
who doesn’t take junk,
who demands the best.

Now my wish is different.
I wish I could share
some of what I have with others…
I have an energy that is contagious,
passion for what I do.
I have fun interacting, teaching, and learning.
working hard to engage, inspire, and reach.
As a student told me last week,
I am persistent–finding new ways for them to “get” it,
never giving up.

Last year, I  joked saying we would watch paint dry,
when asked what we were doing tomorrow.
A student gave an excited, “REALLY??!!”
Energy and passion are contagious–
and need to be spread up and down
the halls of our schools.

To help others
be present,
and to be willing to say,
“I don’t know. Let’s find out.”

I might miss a detail,
get lost in a moment,
talk too quickly,
get behind on some things,
accumulate clutter,
forget to follow up,
but I am who I am
becoming comfortable in my own shoes,
filling them out.

Today a friend said to me,
“You have fun. I need to have more fun.”
And now my wish is no longer
for me but for her.
Not for her to be me,
though she might enjoy it for a day,
but to find who she needs to be
comfortable in her own shoes,
as she discovers what ignites her passion
and fills her own shoes.


One thought on “Evolution of Wishes

  1. Nice. The piece that stood out strongest for me:Energy and passion are contagious–and need to be spread up and downthe halls of our schools.Yes, yes, and again, yes!


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