I walk the tightrope,
precariously perched atop
a narrow wire,
as I try to travel without falling.

All the while
I juggle many balls for all the roles I play–
           mom              daughter
       sister                      teacher
         adviser                    friend
       committee               another yes
                     another project      

I can’t seem to get this
juggling thing down.
The balls fall to the ground.
I pick them up,
wipe them off
and start again.

Even an expert juggler,
can’t juggle all these balls,
Maybe before another falls,
I should choose which one to drop,
then I should leave it on the floor
and walk away.


4 thoughts on “Juggling

  1. Well-crafted, with an ominous ending that communicates the depth of emotion (will wife, sister, teacher be the ball you drop?). It might be neat to play with the tightrope idea/image in your last two stanzas. What happens when you drop a ball from that great height?This is a fairly common metaphor, but you enliven it in an effective and original way. Nice slice! 🙂


  2. I love this one, Maya! I need to first name all the balls I juggle before I decide which one to drop. Let's catch up after your yearbook is done. My spring break is not until next week, but I will be home at night. Call when you can 🙂


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