Sharing Humanity


After this  month,
I will miss sharing humanity
with you,
my fellow slicers.

What will I do
as I seek the understanding
of someone who
gets what I get
who understands what I understand
who struggles as I struggle?

How will I seek positive growth
as I reflect on my challenges
and try to appreciate the shared humanity of others?

Who will read my blog if I write?
How will I find a real audience?
Will this moment in time leave me?

I think I need this shared humanity.

Hmmmm….31 days may not be enough for me…


6 thoughts on “Sharing Humanity

  1. Maya, you have eloquently expressed my feelings, too. I hope the long-time slicers won't mind if a bunch of us continue on the Tuesday Challenge. We are hooked! Who knew? -well, I guess Stacey and Ruth knew. Thank God for their insight!


  2. I hope that you will continue to slice on Tuesdays. At first the Tuesday slices seemed far apart after slicing 31 days straight, but it gets into a nice rhythm after a while. The end of the challenge each year is always bitter sweet.


  3. Tuesdays is slicing day, it's the best day of the week. Stay around, the pressure's off from the daily post. The only way you get to be a regular is to regularly post. See you on Tuesday!


  4. I have enjoyed your writing over these last weeks, and the writing of many others. I'm very interested in keeping this going on a weekly basis! 🙂


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