Living as a Poet


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Living as a Poet

Living as a poet

is different
your mind’s eye must
what you see.
needs words
captured on paper
so the beauty won’t
escape like water
a sieve.
Images need words,
so we can hold onto
a peaceful sunrise,
a child’s embrace,
the look of love,
a mother with her child,
 keeping the beauty with us,
so we are
never abandoned,
never alone.
Images need words,
so the non-poets
can become more like us,
seeing the world
through our eyes,
our rose-colored glasses
recognizing beauty
and letting go of the cynicism and spite
just for  a moment.
Images need words,
The poet knows,
The poet will sit
for hours
with beauty,
trying to capture her essence.
Without words, you cannot
capture the Iceland landscape and sky.
On one side dark,
   a midnight blue hue
       sheltering the shadowed landscape.
The other side,
     the landscape of greens and grays and browns,
       that last as far as the eye can see with
         the starkness of the land,
              a sheep on the crest of a hill,
                  and amber hues covering the sky,
                  a warm blanket of comfort,
      Not even the panoramic camera
         can capture the shelter and warmth
              this landscape provides.
        Words need poets,
poets need words,
        the world needs poets,
                to tame the badness,
                    to find the goodness,
                         to seek shelter and warmth.

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