God at the Easel

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God at the Easel

I think I’ll paint the sky today
see if anyone’s watching.
dipping the paint
into the palette 
choosing light blue
and covering the canvas.
Going back to the palette,
this time an amber hue
back to the canvas.
To the palette
this time for the little girls
who love pink
to see if they are paying attention
to God’s grandeur.
Lines cover the canvas,
not lines of symmetry
but more like
swooshes and swashes
as if to proclaim,
I’m painting outside of the lines
and you can, too.
As if saying,
there is not one way to live.
God steps back
And looks at the painting,
That is good.
Today my people
will look at the sky
And say,
it looks like God painted
that sky for me.

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