Wisdom of a 14-Year-Old


Wisdom of a 14-year-old Student

Go home–it’s past 5.
Your family is waiting.
Go home–it’s past 5;
you’ve lost your filter.
Mrs. Woodall,
I can’t believe you said that.

Advice Again
The phone rings. Still at school–
Yearbook deadline is past.
Make it up to your husband–
buy him his favorite candy bar
on your way home.
Make it up to your husband–
give him a foot massage.

Still More Advice
Here’s what you can say,
Just tell her she can’t expect other people
to work as hard as she does.

I tell her,
suddenly realizing the message is for me, too.
She says she’s going to bake that boy some cookies;
we comment on his wisdom and insight,
and the reality that our
expectations for others–
are too high.
We can’t expect others
to work as hard as we do.

What will I do,
offer my Advice–
Seek wisdom from people of every age.

Added note: This wisdom is from a male. Several responders thought the 14-year-old was a female. I revised and edited a bit to try and show that.


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