She Reminds Me


“Push me on the swing;
don’t grade papers.”
She counts my pushes,
And floats to the sky
Legs pumping up in the air,
She reminds me,
to put the papers away and play.
“Mawmee, let’s be girl pirates now.”
“Ahoy matey!” I respond
in a pirate’s voice.
“No, we are girl pirates;
Use a normal voice.”
She reminds me
To be myself.
Off with the iPhone,
My backyard 4-year-old
Photographer captures
Pink petals of azaleas,
Nature’s beauty revealed,
She reminds me
To look for beauty in all things.
In the sandbox,
Shoes off despite
The chilly air
Raking the sand
Creating her own labyrinth,
A peaceful pattern of play.
She reminds me
To not see a maze of confusion
and to find peace and solace
in the world around me.
My little mini-me
Curly locks and pure sweetness,
Arm rested on me,
Head nuzzled in the crook of my arm.
Little voice calling, “Mawmee,”
In her endearing way.
She reminds me
To stop, rest, and relax.
“Mawmee, I love you,”
bright eyes behind her curly locks
look adoringly my way,
she hugs me
and she reminds me
how to love.

4 thoughts on “She Reminds Me

  1. Children always help us be right there, in the present. I love when I have my almost 3 year old granddaughter visit. We're busy, but it's the most relaxing day, right there, in the present. Thank you for reminding me. I especially like that next to last verse, "My little mini-me"!


  2. "No, we are girl pirates. Use a normal voice." I love how your children are already finding the right words. A lovely tribute to two lovely girls 🙂


  3. Your poem has such a great voice. I love the repeating line "she reminds me" because we can learn so much from our little ones on what is important in life.


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