I don’t Twitter–too few characters for me. Still, though, I love the idea of the 6 word memoir. You can even get published at

What would my six word memoir be?

Here are a few (some are definitely not memoir-worthy):

Tomorrow I rise early. Break over.

I am tired. Still I type.

My thoughts meander.  My creativity unleashed.

I can do this. Write daily.

Yesterday no blogging. Today  comes flogging.

That is all. Off to bed.

Has anyone done this with their students? I would love to hear about it.


2 thoughts on “

  1. I challenged our staff to do this a few years ago and we posted our memoirs on our doors. A bunch of teachers took part and one of the intervention ELA teachers got her whole class to do them. We put the student work in our literary magazine. Since then, some of our creative writing teachers have started the class off with the 6-word memoir exercise, with great results.


  2. This is amazing, Maya! It's awesome to see how the right piece of text at just the right time can make such an incredible impact on our students.Wow!Chris


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